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Sony was the first to launch a waterproof phone – the Xperia Z – helping the company make an admirable comeback in the smartphone segment. Sony Xperia Z comes with fully loaded features designed under with the expertise of the company’s renowned engineers. It has exquisite and sleek designs with shatterproof glass. This phone has awesome specs and a great battery life. It has a beautiful screen display of 5.0 inches, a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels with 441 ppi pixel density and a quad-core 1.5GHz processor.

However, like all devices the Xperia Z is not immune from breakage. For instance, despite having shatterproof glass, the screen can be broken if not handled with normal care. They are likely to break if they fall from your hand, someone sits on them, they are thrown about or due to various other possible incidents.

Sony is a quality brand so whenever your phone screen is cracked, look out for the best repair shop in Melbourne to get a satisfying result. In addition, the genuine stores will ensure you do not create an extra hole in your pocket.

One of the best options when your phone develops manufacturing faults during the warranty period is to give it to an authorised service centre however, accidental glass screen damage is not usually covered under manufacturer’s warranty. Sony authorised repair centre might take time in repairing your phone but it is worth the wait. It is also a good option as your phone is still under warranty and it may cover the fault. If you are not satisfied with the result, they will get the phone back in working order with no cost to you.

The next best thing – actually, the best, if your phone is not under a warranty – is to give it to a repair centre that is experienced enough to handle phones like Sony. There are quite a few specialist shops that have the expertise to repair every kind of phone and they will be able to get a new glass placed on your Xperia Z without any problem. Most have an online presence and also offer home pick-up and drop services that helps you save your precious time. In fact, in terms of ease, this is lot better than the authorised repair centres. Booking online or walking in to the independent repair centre is all it takes to get your phone repaired.

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