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Finding an authorised mobile repair service centre nowadays can be tricky because you don’t want to entrust your phone to just any shop that claims to be a repair expert. Before sending your phone to a service centre, make sure to verify if they are indeed have the skills and experience necessary to repair your phone safely and effectively. Here are some tips on choosing a mobile repair service centre:

  1. Make sure the service centre is authorised. Choose a shop that is acknowledged by your mobile phone provider.
  1. You can’t just entrust your mobile phone to someone who does not understand its composition and complexity. Choose a shop manned by technicians who have a great deal of experience. The best shops also have the latest tools and equipment needed to repair mobile phones faster and more efficiently.
  1. Check if the parts and accessories your phone requires is available in their shop. If you need a screen replacement, you want a shop that stocks exactly the screen you need. Stay away from shops that do not have their own supply of parts for your brand of mobile phone. They will need order parts from a third party shop or supplier—and they will likely pass the costs on to you.
  1. It’s often cheaper to have a mobile phone repaired than to buy a new one, but this is not always the case. A good mobile repair centre will advise you on what the most practical next step is—that is, if the phone is still worth repairing or if you are better off purchasing a new one. A trusted mobile repair centre won’t overcharge you with extra or hidden fees. They will also give you an accurate quotation.

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