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Google Nexus 5 is repaired at within 45 mins with top quality parts and expert technicians.
Repair your broken or faulty LG Nexus 5 from professional repair centre in Melbourne equipped with top quality parts and expert technicians. Most of our repairs are completed within 30 Mins to 1 Hour while you wait. We provide 90 days of standard warranty on all our repair building long term trust on our repairs.


LG Nexus5 Screen Repair $125
LG Nexus5 Back Cover Repair $89
LG Nexus5 Charger Connector Repair $89
LG Nexus5 Battery Repair $79
LG Nexus5 Audio Jack Replacement
LG Nexus5 Power/Lock Button Replacement
LG Nexus5 Light Sensor Repair
LG Nexus5 Volume and Silent Buttons Replacement
LG Nexus5 Back Camera Replacement
LG Nexus5 Front Camera Replacement $79
LG Nexus5 Top Speaker Replacement
LG Nexus5 Loud Speaker Replacement
LG Nexus5 Vibrator Replacement
LG Nexus5 Water Damaged Assessment Service $49
LG Nexus5 Other Repairs.     Call: 03 8376 7750 Call
All the prices are up to date. No appointment required.  

When it comes to LG Nexus5 repair Melbourne Mobile Repair technicians know how to do a great job. We specialize in repairing all issues of LG Nexus5 such as screen replacement, battery replacement, charger connector, water damage service and etc. So if you have a broken LG Nexus5 which needs repair just bring it in to fix it for you.

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