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We have years of experience repairing Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Bring your faulty device we make sure it is fixed within 45 mins. Our top quality parts and experienced technicians makes us most trusted repairer in Melbourne. Our skilled technicians have repaired thousands of phones and we can guarantee that your Samsung device will work perfectly again. We carry out express repairs in our own workshop, i.e. we do not send the phone to another service provider.


Samsung Galaxy Note4 Screen Repair $299.00
Samsung Galaxy Note4 Screen Repair(LCD and/or Touch screen don’t work properly) $299.00
Samsung Galaxy Note4 Charger Connector Repair $79.00
Samsung Galaxy Note4 Battery Repair $59.00
Samsung Galaxy Note4 Back Cover Replacement $35.00
Samsung Galaxy Note4 Audio Jack Replacement $89.00
Samsung Galaxy Note4 Power/Lock Button Replacement $89.00
Samsung Galaxy Note4 Light Sensor Repair $59.00
Samsung Galaxy Note4 Volume and Silent Buttons Replacement $79.00
Samsung Galaxy Note4 Home Button Replacement $79.00
Samsung Galaxy Note4 Back Camera Replacement $89.00
Samsung Galaxy Note4 Front Camera Replacement $79.00
Samsung Galaxy Note4 Top Speaker Replacement $79.00
Samsung Galaxy Note4 Loud Speaker Replacement $79.00
Samsung Galaxy Note4 Vibrator Replacement $59.00
Samsung Galaxy Note4 Water Damaged Assessment Service $49.00
Samsung Galaxy Note4 Other Repairs.     Call:  03 8376 7750 Call
All the prices are up to date. No appointment required.  

When it comes to Samsung Galaxy Note4 repair Melbourne Mobile Repair technicians know how to do a great job. We specialize in repairing all issues of Samsung Galaxy Note4 such as screen replacement, charger connector, water damage services and etc. So if you have a broken Samsung Galaxy Note4 which needs repairs in Melbourne CBD just bring it in to fix it for you.

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